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The object of treatment with botulinum toxin is to make the clients look better, not necessarily younger.

Botulinum toxin has been used to minimise the wrinkles since 1990. Botulinum toxin was first identified in 1897 as a causative of paralysis of the muscle following food poisoning.

The therapeutic use of the Botulinum toxin was explored by an ophthalmologist in 1978 to treat strabismus (squint). It is used to treat the newborn babies born with neck spasm and also treat various other conditions.

Botulinum toxin when injected into the muscle, causes reversible paralysis by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses locally at the neuromuscular junction.

Wrinkles are caused by the underlying muscle in action like frowning, lifting the eyebrows, laughing. During the initial stages of the development of wrinkles, they are "dynamic"; which means the wrinkles are seen only in motion. Botulinum toxin is most effective in that stage. The next stage is the "static wrinkles", where the lines are visible even when the muscle is at rest. Botulinum toxin can reduce the appearance of the wrinkles to certain extent and will certainly prevent them to develop into the next stage. The final stage is the "hypertonic" state where the wrinkles are as bad as a scar, in which case further treatment other than the Botulinum toxin will be necessary.

The conditions which are treatable by Botulinum toxin are frown lines (vertical glabellar line and horizotal frontalis line), crow's feet or laugh line, wrinkles at the top of the nose. They can also be used with caution in the treatment of fine lines around the lips and angle of mouth. They are quite useful in the management of facial scars, which are obvious on facial movements.

Targeted treatment of the facial muscle also results in desired eyebrow lift.

Botulinum toxin is injected under the skin into the muscle using tiny needles. The treatment is almose painless and no recovery time is necessary. This is a perfectly safe, no scalpel, non-surgical lunch-time procedure. It takes up to two weeks to get the desired effects.

Side effects are uncommon. Minor reactions like bruising and drooping of the eyelids are extremely rare and always reversible. Allergy to the Botulinum toxin is unheard of.

Dr.Babu is an expert in treating the excessive underarm sweating. Botox is a effective treatment for it

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